The Aery Aviation Branding Guide

The Aery Aviation Logo

View the logo. To acquire the logo files, please contact We do not offer the logo files online so that we can ensure proper use of our logo in all applications.

Logo Relevance

This page describes what our logo represents, how our logo is to be seen, thought of, and experienced.

Correct Use of the Logo

Aery Aviation adheres to strict guidelines, to ensure that the logo is not squished, stretched, or otherwise altered. When using the Aery Aviation logo, please make sure it is displayed properly, as it is shown on this page, and it its original form.

Logo Colors

Click here to see the logo color codes.


Click here to see the Aery Aviation primary font details.

Marketing Photos

Aery Aviation photographs that support our brand are available here.

Other Graphics

The use of visual images and symbols to represent things, concepts or ideas. This includes infographics, charts, maps, etc.

File Formats

This page has details for the usage of various file formats.

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