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Aery Aviation is a collaborative partnership of four men with decades of experience who came together after having full careers elsewhere, to create a company that excels in many areas: design, engineering, systems integration, modifications, certifications, maintenance, flight operations, and aircraft procurement solutions. 

This partnership created a strong drive to dream, innovate, and inspire that has fueled rapid growth and diversity, expanding business development exponentially year after year.

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Business-to-Business Partnerships

Their spirit extends into the relationships Aery Aviation has with companies others might consider competition. Owners and Executives' harness the best ideas, resources, and opportunities, to develop partnerships, extending flexibility and cost-benefits to customers. Through these partnerships, even bigger goals have been and can be achieved, and this is where Aery Aviation has excelled.


For Aery Aviation, the question isn’t: “Can we?” When others are limited in the common approach, Aery Aviation jumps into higher gear asking, “How can we do this?” and then proceeds into problem-solving for customers. This is what customers appreciate most about Aery Aviation - avid tenacity. It’s not cookie cutter production that Aery Aviation is cultivating, it is projects that inspire the Aery Aviation work-family to come together and brainstorm, excited to come to work every day because there is always something inventive and interesting to work on.
These are reasons why Aery Aviation has been so successful and continues to experience massive growths each year.

Commercial Design


Complex solutions are individually tailored to meet the needs of government and commercial customers, with ongoing projects being worked on simultaneously at dozens of locations around the world. Aery Aviation’s specialized design, engineering, certification, integration, and modification areas of discipline allow for anything from basic LOPA changes to special mission modifications, as well as the design, build, and flight test of complex programs, for both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. Aery Aviation solves the industry’s toughest challenges through advanced engineering and ingenuity, delivering results on time and on budget, surpassing customer expectations.


Customers include every branch of the United States military, U.S. government agencies, NASA, high profile celebrities, corporations, families in 15 countries, and allied countries’ military and government agencies worldwide. Customers rely on technical expertise and a strong reputation to deliver results quickly. Aery Aviation surpasses the status quo by sourcing the best systems and talent, consistently exceeding timelines while staying within budgets.

Pakistan Navy pic with Bob Ellstrom

Aery Aviation customers often comment on the company's willingness to make the impossible possible.

Adopting a true partnership approach, Aery Aviation collaborates with customers effectively and efficiently with 100% transparency, at any of our dozen hangars in the USA and at government and commercial customer locations wherever their needs are in the world. It is common to have Aery Aviation supervisors and staff diligently working at various locations for months until a project is completed, then going to another location wherever that may be. The result is an entrepreneurial, customer-centric approach that sets Aery Aviation apart from its competitors. When others see a project as impossible, Aery Aviation accepts the challenge!

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The Aery Aviation team has developed over 100 Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) with over 200 projects, and more than 500 airworthiness releases, including FAA, EASA, CAA, GACA, and a variety of DoD Airworthiness and Flight Clearances.


Government: Department of Homeland Security, NASA, United States Navy, United States Coast Guard, and international customers including (the?) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Royal Fleet, The Sultanate of Onan Head of State planes, Pakistan Navy, as well as other foreign governments.

Commercial: Global Aviation Technologies, Sky One FZE, Standard Aero, Comlux, Las Vegas Sands, Citadel, Oman Royal Flight, Jet Aviation, Jetran, Lufthansa.


Floorplan of Aery Aviation's New Hangar and Offices in Newport News, VA


Aery Aviation is also expanding its facilities in Newport News, Virginia with the construction of a new 60,000-square-foot hangar and Engineering Technology Center that is scheduled to be completed by winter 2022. The hangar will have Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport runway access and will be located next to Aery Aviation's manufacturing facilities which will increase Aery Aviation's efficiency. The footprint and square footage of the new hangar will also increase Aery Aviation's maintenance and modification services capabilities. There has been such rapid expansion for Aery Aviation each year since 2016 that the company has quickly outgrown the existing facilities. Multiple locations will be consolidated into the location with most of the Virginia workers under one roof once the new location is built.  

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