Commercial Engineering

Aery Aviation’s in-house FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs) and FAA Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DARs) provide customers with the required structural, electrical, mechanical, and flight test capabilities. Aery’s comprehensive, multi-disciplined engineering expertise combines a strong system-engineering framework with critical engineering disciplines and advanced engineering tools specifically selected for each project to deliver a superior product meeting all functional, operational, environmental, airworthiness/safety, and quality requirements. Aery’s engineering team utilizes SolidWorks and AutoCAD to rapidly transform ideas and concepts into life cycle products, providing customers with a one-stop, quick response solution.


Engineering (structural, Electrical, Mechanical And Aerodynamics)

  • Structural, Materials, and Parts Analysis
  • Mechanical Component Development & Design
  • System Architecture and System Integration Development & Design
  • Electrical Schematic and Harness Development & Design
  • Electronics Development and Design, including Printed Circuit Design and Layout
  • Electrical & Electronics System Modeling and Analysis
  • Test Planning, Development and Support
  • Mechanical System Design, Development, & Integration
  • Mechanical and Aerospace System Modeling and Analysis
  • Electronic Chassis Design and Development
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Test Planning, Development and Support
  • Composites Analysis
  • Airframe, Thermal, & Stress Structural Analysis
  • Parts Stress Analysis
  • Product review, analysis and recommendations
  • Analysis of Alternatives
  • System Architecture and Design
  • Requirements Development / Management
  • Specification Development
  • Trade Studies and White Papers
  • Technical Program Reviews
  • Technical Control Processes
  • Configuration Audits

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