Aery Aviation Colors

Primary Colors

Whenever possible, the Aery Aviation logo is to be used in full color — using the correct colors. See the Pantone numbers and other codes listed below. This is the preferred option except in the rarest of cases, and it requires Aery Aviation marketing department approval before deviating from this rule.

For 4-color process printing, use CMYK values. For on-screen applications (e.g., video, broadcast), use RGB values.
Pantone and CMYK values can be used for printing on both coated and uncoated paper. Although color variations will occur, try to match the colors as closely as possible, for the specific medium. Please have a qualified professional make these decisions. If a qualified professional is not party to the process, then contact Aery Aviation marketing for assistance and guidance by email at:

RED: Pantone 200C / RGB: 186, 12, 47 / HEX: BA0C2F / CMYK: 0, 100, 76, 13
BLUE: Pantone 301C / RGB: 0, 75, 135 / HEX: 004B87 / CMYK: 100, 51, 0, 34

Link to Aery Aviation's Branding Style Tile

Color Variations

When reproduction methods cannot accommodate a full-color logo, Aery Aviation marketing will provide the graphics customized for you.

Carefully evaluate the background before making a selection. In general, backgrounds that are approximately 45% black or darker will require a reverse logo.

The CMYK variation is for both digital and offset printing.

RGB is for on-screen viewing, such as in PowerPoint presentations and video.

RGB/web-safe colors are for Internet and Intranet use and are created from a web-safe color palette. HEX, or Hexadecimal color values, are also supported in all browsers.

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