Correct Use of the Logo

The Aery Aviation logo features our symbol and name in a dedicated horizontal lockup. This is the only acceptable layout for all branding.

Because the logo is our primary brand identifier, always apply it with care and respect. Use only the approved electronic artwork. Never alter, add to or redraw the logo in any way.

Clear space and Minimum Size

To ensure the prominence and legibility of the logo, always surround it with a field of clear space. Clear space isolates the logo from competing graphic elements, such as text, photography and background patterns. The absolute minimum amount of clear space is equal to the height and width of one of the color squares in the symbol (in the size at which the logo is reproduced).
The Aery Aviation logo can be used in a variety of sizes, but when it is too small, it is harder to read and isn’t as effective. In printed material, do not use the logo with a symbol smaller than .25” wide.

Background Control

The full-color Aery Aviation logo always looks best against a white background. A white background gives colors a clean, crisp contrast.
If the full-color logo appears on color or photographic backgrounds, there must always be sufficient contrast between the background and the logo colors. If there isn’t sufficient contrast, use the reverse logo.

The Aery Aviation logo is provided on different background colors so that there is no confusion or work needed, to place the logo properly, by these rules.

Logo Misuse

Logo Misuse means using the Aery Aviation logo incorrectly, which compromises its integrity and effectiveness. Please read these pages and do not alter the logo or the logo files, in any way.

To ensure accurate and consistent reproduction of the logo, use only the approved digital artwork. Never alter, add to or re-create the logo.

  • Do not change the arrangement of the logo.
  • Do not change the color, symbol, or name.
  • Do not outline the symbol or name.
  • Do not violate the clear space or place the logo within a shape.
  • Do not change the font.
  • Do not apply a drop shadow.
  • Do not horizontally or vertically distort the logo.
  • Do not put the logo on a picture or dark background. 
  • Do not use the full-color logo on a gradient background that is similar in hue, tone, or darkness as the logo itself.
  • Do not use the full-color logo on a background where the symbol may be hard to see.
  • Do not use the logo with a white box around it over a background. The white box is for a white background.
  • Do not crop or cover any part of the logo.

If you need the logo for a purpose that you cannot honor the corporate compliance of the logo, ask the Marketing Department to provide the graphics for you. 

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