Jan. 1, 2020 marked the deadline for the FAA ADS-B Out mandate. For those that have been unable to get the ADS-B installation done before the January 1 compliance deadline, the FAA has implemented a waiver system to facilitate movement to an installer. See this link (https://lnkd.in/etCdZHH) to get the waiver for an aircraft movement to Aery at KPHF, where an ADS-B installation can be facilitated immediately.

Aery has received a flurry of ADS-B installs over the last 30 days, including two Cessnas, one Gulfstream, and two Piaggios, and is more than capable of providing many more installations, such as avionics services including Wi-Fi and other cabin entertainment, at a moment’s notice.

For additional information, contact sbeale@aeryaviation.com or hmcafee@aeryaviation.com