Aery’s engineering and certification teams include aircraft systems engineers, structural engineers, and flight analysts, who have more than 30 years of experience providing approved design changes for interiors and airframe modifications, avionics system installations, and system upgrades. These design changes are installed on aircraft that are registered and operated on a global level.

Certification of Aery design and engineering services starts with the daily involvement of Aery’s highly qualified Engineering Department comprised of FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DER), design engineers, and drafters who can quickly respond to customer’s aircraft certification needs.


● FAA Part 23 and Part 25 Certifications; Restricted and Experimental Airworthiness Certifications
● STC project management from initial application to STC issuance, including post-STC technical support
● Approved major repairs and alterations under FAA Form 337 and 8110 approvals
● STC project management from initial application through STC issuance, and post-STC maintenance activities
● Findings of Compliance associated with Structures, Electrical/Avionics/Mechanical Systems and Flight Test
● Ground and Flight Testing witnessing by FAA designees
● Allowables and Structural Testing
● Parts/Installation Conformities
● Development of technical documentation/substantiation reports
● Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA)
● EWIS ICA Evaluation Report
● Ground and Flight Test Plans
● Emergency Evacuation Analysis
● Decompression Analysis
● Functional Hazard Assessment (FHA) and System Safety Assessment (SSA)
● Stress Analysis


Aery Aviation offers robust turnkey design services from the smallest to the largest projects.  Aery’s highly qualified and experienced modelers have a proven track record of providing innovative, cost effective designs. Aery’s modelers thrive on flexibility in their approach and incorporation of the customers’ ideas to bring the project to a fully certified reality. Aery’s design knowledge brings abstract concepts to concrete delivery of any design request.


Aery’s Design Team follows best practices by utilizing the latest technology and training available. Aery’s Design Team provides 3D CAD modeling, schematics, product data management, simulation capabilities, electrical design, structural design, and technical communication utilizing SolidWorks, and AutoCAD.  Aery will design the individual pieces and parts through the entire life cycle through the assembly of the final delivered product. Aery’s design services range from unique one-off approval of a customer-designed product to the design and certification of any aircraft.


Aery Aviation’s in-house FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs) and FAA Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DARs) provide customers with the required structural, electrical, mechanical, and flight test capabilities. Aery’s comprehensive, multi-disciplined engineering expertise combines a strong system-engineering framework with critical engineering disciplines and advanced engineering tools specifically selected for each project to deliver a superior product meeting all functional, operational, environmental, airworthiness/safety, and quality requirements. Aery’s Engineering Team utilizes SolidWorks and AutoCAD to rapidly transform ideas and concepts into life cycle products, providing customers with a one-stop, quick response solution.


  • Structural, Materials, and Parts Analysis
  • Mechanical Component Development & Design
  • System Architecture and System Integration Development & Design
  • Electrical Schematic and Harness Development & Design
  • Electronics Development and Design, including Printed Circuit Design and Layout
  • Electrical & Electronics System Modeling and Analysis
  • Test Planning, Development and Support
  • Mechanical System Design, Development, & Integration
  • Mechanical and Aerospace System Modeling and Analysis
  • Electronic Chassis Design and Development
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Test Planning, Development and Support
  • Composites Analysis
  • Airframe, Thermal, & Stress Structural Analysis
  • Parts Stress Analysis
  • Parts Degradation and Dissimilar Metals Analysis
  • Product review, analysis and recommendations
  • Analysis of Alternatives
  • System Architecture and Design
  • Requirements Development / Management
  • Specification Development
  • Trade Studies and White Papers
  • Technical Program Reviews
  • Technical Control Processes
  • Configuration Audits


Aery Aviation designs rapid prototype models quickly and efficiently. Aery also supplies completed assemblies, from initial design and prototype, through limited production for both military and commercial applications. Utilizing an innovative mix of industry-leading prototype and manufacturing experts, state-of-the-art rapid prototyping technologies, and proven processes, Aery delivers the highest quality prototypes and products available.

In a partnership with Swift Aviation, Aery designed a rapid prototype four-seat jet that took its first maiden test flight in a mere 200 days. This is just one example of Aery’s ability to produce a high quality product in a short amount of time.


  • Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing
  • Rapid Prototypes
  • Urethane Castings
  • Rapid Design to Product
  • Scaled Models
  • Soft Tooled Production Parts
  • Manufacturing Process Development
  • Fixtures & Production Aids



Aery integrates highly trained and skilled manufacturing team with key operational metrics, configuration management, and strict quality controls to ensure end-to-end manufacturing quality. This combination provides Aery’s customers with superior, cost effective products delivered on schedule.



Aery Aviation is a respected leader across the aviation industry for its innovative aircraft systems design and modification, and has the ability for on-site certification, inspection and certified maintenance. Aery holds certifications in both the U.S. and abroad through its partnerships. These certifications include: FAA/EASA Part 145 Certified Repair Station for commercial aircraft modification, installation, and maintenance activities; STC-ODA including approval authority for STCs for 14 CFR Parts 23 & 25 (fixed wing) and for 14 CFR Parts 27 & 29 (rotorcraft); EASA Level One Design Organization Certificate; and Designated Engineering Representative (DER) engineering support for FAA approvals, Aery’s teams of experts execute major structural modifications, cockpit and avionics upgrades, and interior and cabin electronics upgrades with ease. Aery is the trusted source in the special missions modifications arena.

Aery Aviation Modification Services Pictures


Featuring world-class engineering and design, our completions and modifications team has the specialized skill to outfit your aircraft with everything from Swift Broadband Satellite and Wireless to custom cabinetry, top notch audio/visual and bespoke interiors. Our expert team of aircraft technicians can adeptly maintain and integrate aircraft ranging from VIP business jets to wide-body VVIP aircraft, while integration and modernization is executed with absolute precision. Our goal is to create an aircraft that’s like home to you.


With a diverse team of certified maintenance, repair and engineering experts worldwide, our aircraft support and repair capabilities are unmatched. Our team is committed to total customer satisfaction through the use of defined processes that translate into high quality, cost effective products and services, which, when combined with our extensive aviation expertise, results in quality aircraft support you can undoubtedly trust.

Through our various partnerships and trusted vendors, Aery offers FAA and EASA Part 145 Certified Repair Stations, FAA-certified Airframe & Powerplant Technicians & Inspection Authorization Inspectors, FAA STC-ODA services including approval authority for STCs for 14 CFR Part 23 & 25 (fixed wing) & 14 CFR Part 27 & 29 (rotorcraft) with FAA-certified Engineering and Inspection Unit Members to work under the ODA. These are just some of the many qualifications, certifications and system registrations our team of specialists and our partners have earned.