Newport News, VAAery Aviation, LLC (“Aery”) has successfully completed the ground and flight tests of its latest airborne research aircraft allowing it to move onto the U.S. Air Force range operations. Over the last twelve months, Aery has designed, engineered, integrated specialized systems into our Gulfstream IV airborne research platform.  This unique highly modified Gulfstream has capabilities not previously available on a commercial aircraft. As one part of this project, Aery provides the system integration, airframe modifications, flight operations and maintenance/logistics to keep the aircraft readily available for the end user. This new development provides the end user government customer with a new airborne capability not previously available.  This special mission upgrade includes onboard airborne technology not previously integrated into an aircraft and successfully operated beforecommented Scott Beale, Vice President of Aery Aviation. 

Aery has completed the modification work form its Newport News, Virginia corporate headquarters and conducted flight operations at a variety of locations for the ground and test flight series. Aery is planning a series of secondary flights on a government range in the coming months to further prove its systems and capabilitiesThe ongoing expansion of operations will provide the government with a superb capability for years to come.