Newport News, Va.  –  Aery Aviation announced today that it has been awarded an interior reconfiguration and STC contract from its partner, Stevens Aviation, in Greenville, SC.  Under the contract, Aery will provide design, engineering and certification services on a Global Express customized unique interior.  Aery will receive issuance of a FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) at the end of the project with EASA validation for export of the aircraft.

Aery is responsible for providing Stevens Aviation with on-site design, engineering and certification support services in Greenville throughout the project duration.  The Aery on-site team consists of electrical, mechanical and structural engineers including a Program Management Office and a designer/modeler.  The project is expected to take approximately six months in duration with Stevens delivering a full re-configured interior with material refurbishment and entertainment system to their customers specifications.

Aery is proud to be working with Stevens Aviation on this important project”, said Aery Program Manager Randy Knoblock. “This modification is a demonstration of Aery Aviation’s product offering and compliments the Stevens Aviation FAA approved Part 145 Repair Station located in Greenville and its workforce.  This is the third opportunity / project that Aery and Steven’s have partnered together in the last year.  Aery truly appreciates the relationship”, says Knoblock.

The contract is expected to be completed in late 2018 upon FAA STC issuance.  Aery anticipates partnering in the future with Stevens Aviation on additional projects such as this one.

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